Making Nova Scotia Greener

Renew Solar Power is a locally owned and operated solar power solutions company servicing the Valley and South Shore of Nova Scotia. Renew Solar Power was established by Larry Cochrane and Peter Clark. Larry is a successful entrepreneur who recently moved home to the South Shore from Ontario, where major investments in solar energy have been made over the last few years. Peter has spent 30 years in the agricultural industry in the Annapolis Valley, as owner/operator of Lone Pine Farm Limited. He always has had a keen interest in the environment and is eager to make a real difference in the province of Nova Scotia.

Why Solar Power

Renewable energy accounted for 66% of all the new power generated in 2016 with the greatest of all sources being solar.

Types of Solar Power

There are two ways to add solar independence to your life and each has its own specific benefits.

We can Help

Renew Solar Power offers residential and business customers complete electrical solar power installations.

Gain energy independence

Tie into Nova Scotia Power's system and reduce your monthly bill or use a Off-Grid stand-alone power system!

What We Do

Renew Solar Power has a wide variety of choices of solar panels, inverters, racking, controllers and combiner boxes to choose from depending on the customer’s needs. We provide a turn-key installation including electrician to connect your system to the main electric panel of your house. Our panels are warranted for 25 years at which point are still producing at 80% capacity. These panels have a life of 40 years or more.

  • help determine how many kilowatts of power generation you require,
  • do a shade analysis to determine sun coverage through the day on your property,
  • assess to recommend rooftop or ground mounted arrays,
  • use Google maps and solar radiation data to help determine the best array of panels,
  • provide installation and maintenance of your system.